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The Noticeboard web page is designed to be an electronic version of the invaluable club noticeboard. Unfortunately there are only a few inches of visible space available unlike the many square feet that most actual club noticeboards manage!


The headings of the various notices are listed in the display and in order of the latest and/or most important items. Clicking on the "View" link shown at A will change the display to the full item.

 If there are many items, at the bottom of the list may be a series of numbers as shown here at B. These are pages of more lists for more items. Click to take you to the additional noticeboard items.

There is a text box at the bottom of the page (shown at C) that allows you to enter a word or phrase and the web site will search through all the articles for one(s) that matches them (not case sensitive but make sure the spelling is correct!!).

See item Editing Lists  for information about how the web editor or sub-editor can edit and maintain the noticeboard.

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