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- Editing

Many of the editor's pages use a similar system of list controls with add, edit and delete functions. This tutorial is intended as a general description of how they work so saving me having to do one for each!! Yes, lazy, but life is too short ........

List operations

Click on "Raise" to move the items in the row up one.
Click on "Lower" to move the items in the row down one.
  • the above are particularly useful in the Noticeboard section as the top two rows contain the items that are displayed at the top of your Home Page.
Click on "Select" to display the editing area as described below (very similar to the Add function below).

Add operations

Click the add button will display an area of input boxes described below.

Add/Edit area

If you look beside the prominent arrow above, you will see that the Add/Edit area has a link "View help". There is such a link in most of the Editor's pages, and clicking on it will display help as in the example below -


If, after clicking the help link, you cannot see the help matrix then just browse down the page. The matrix usually opens below the editing area but above the list.

The help section will explain detail relating to the particular area you are editing. So, click on editing page's help link!!! Use it.

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