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Noticeboard - Edit - Pictures

You can upload pictures to be displayed in the noticeboard item. Any pictures uploaded to the noticeboard are automatically placed into the website gallery as well.

PICTURES - picture files to upload should be of the type "jpg", "jpeg", "gif", "png" or "bmp".

The file should not be much larger than 70 kb. A jpeg file of from 500 to 800 pixels width is about right. Much larger than this will make the page significantly "heavier" therefore increasing the time it takes for a viewer to open the page. If you need to shrink your photo there are several ways of doing this including some good, free online sites - try  .
Once you have the picture at about the correct size, click on the "Browse" button.
This will open a file selection form. Select from your computer the file (picture) you want to upload. Do this and the picture upload area will  change displaying the filename -
Click on the "Upload" button and the picture upload area will  change displaying a new filename (A) and a note (B) reminding you to save the record, otherwise all your hardwork will have been wasted!!!
When you have finished, click on "Save" (C). Well done!
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