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In the Leagues page click on the combo A to select the season, then the league and finally the division.   Leagues page

  1. Games button - will display the list as shown below of all games for the currently selected division. The checkbox in each line of the games list will only be checked if the game has been set to "played" and has a valid score. Only games with this check box checked are used to calculate the tables. Only the first 20 games are displayed when first opened. At the bottom of the list are a series of numbers that you can click to take you to additional lists of games. The games are displayed in date order  There is a "Filter for team" button shown at B which limits the display to games that include the team selected in the adjacent combo at C.Games
  2. Tables button - will display the league table for the currently selected season/league/division. They are sorted by points (descending), then shot difference (descending), then shots for (descending), then shots against (descending). There is a "Display printer friendly version" button (D). This displays the table without all the headers and left column decorations. If there haven't been any games played (or rather no games recorded) the table will not be available.Tables
  3. Teams button - will display a list of the teams playing in the division. Clicking on the "View Team" link in the grid (E) will display the team members that have been entered. Teams
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