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League Planning - New Season

When the user clicks the A-"Add Seasons" button on the main form -

the following form is displayed, containing a list of seasons for which no league planning data has been produced -

To add a new season, click on the B-season required, then on the C-"Add" button.

The following form is displayed -

The check box at D enables you to copy in setup data from a previous season, which obviously makes life easier. Click on it and the following form is displayed -

At E select the season to "copy in" then click on the "Save" button. A dialog opens asking you whether or not you wish to copy the selected old season into the new season. Click on the "Yes" button. The season is then set up for you. Please note - the NEW season has the OLD season's data, so you MUST remember to alter ALL the dates to the new year!!!!

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