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League Planning - Leagues New or Edit

The league data shown on the form ONLY APPLIES TO THE CURRENTLY SELECTED LEAGUE - e.g. the data displayed in the blue (League Requirement) areas only applies to the currently selected 2017 Season, THURESDAY THREE WOODS TRIPLES league.

Z Add/Edit Leagues button - You click on this button to add/delete/edit leagues for the currently selected season. If you click on this button it opens form A below, containing a list of the leagues for the current season -

Clicking on the buttons in form A

  • "Add" - opens form B, blank, ready for you to put in a new league, including a name. You will need to enter a unique Suffix letter, which will be used in any team number allocated to teams in the leagues. You also enter whether or not you will require any Captain's Sheets produced later to display the game time, and also the quantity of members of a team. Click on "Save" once you have entered the data.
  • "Edit" - opens form B, with the currently selected league data filling it. Click on "Save" once you have finished editing the data.
  • "Delete" - be careful, it deletes the currently selected league!!
  • "Lower" and "Raise" - do just that to the currently selected item in the list.
  • "Close" the form when you have completed the entries.

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