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League Planning - League Plan

When the user clicks the F-"Produce/test/view plan for the currently selected league the following form is displayed -

Click on the buttons in the order left to right, as numbered 1, 2, 3 etc.

Clicking on button 1 clears the storage ready for the calculation. When complete it displays its results -


Clicking on button 2 performs the calculation.

RUN 1 - The program goes through the appropriate round robin template a game at a time checking against the time/rink slots that have been allocated within the setup. If a fixture requirement does not clash with an exception, and if neither team has already played that week, then it is allocated, otherwise the next time/rink slot is checked, and so on until that game is allocated. And then to the next round robin template game and the next time/rink slot and so on until the end of the season is reached. With a simple league that is all that is required. The allocation for that league will be complete and in a perfect condition!!

RUN 2 - However, in a busy season league with lots of interruptions many (up to 250) games will not have been allocated in the first attempt so the program goes through from the beginning again to try and place these left over games in any so far unallocated time/rink slots.

RUN 3, ETC - Even after that, some games may not have found allowable space. Time for plan B for the remaining unallocated games and the remaining unallocated time/rink slots.!! The user selects how the rules may be slackened for the next attempt:-

This process is continued until all games have been allocated. When complete the program displays its results -

Clicking on button 3 performs tests to check the results -

  1. TEST 1 - each team plays no more than once per round.
  2. TEST 2 - each team plays no more than once per day.
  3. TEST 3 - each team plays each other team as per league setting.
  4. TEST 4 - games do not clash with exceptions.
  5. TEST 5 - games start after or equal to start date and before or equal to end date.
  6. TEST 6 - no rink is in use more than once per time slot.

On completion of the tests, the program displays its results -


If the program cannot resolve the problem then you will have to simplify the requirement, maybe allocating extra slots, reducing the quantity of times teams play each other, etc.

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