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League Planning - Divisional Data

The divisional data shown on the form ONLY APPLIES TO THE CURRENTLY SELECTED LEAGUE - e.g. the data displayed in the blue (League Requirement) areas only applies to the currently selected 2017 Season, THURESDAY THREE WOODS TRIPLES league.

D - Add" - opens the form below, blank, ready for you to put a new data. Click on "Save" once you have entered the data.

E - "Edit" - opens the form below with the currently selected slot data filling it. Click on "Save" once you have finished editing the data.

G - "View" - similar to "Edit" but without the ability to modify the slot.

C - "Lower" and "Raise" - do just that to the selected item in the list.

F - "Delete" - be careful, it deletes the currently selected slot!!

The "form below" allows you to add/edit/view the divisional data -

  • The name for the division.
  • The quantity of times the teams should play each other.
  • The start number for the teams. For example, if there are 3 divisions, each of 7 teams, then division ONE would show "1", division TWO would show "8", division THREE "15", etc.
  • The method to be used, e,g 7 teams using 3 rinks,
  • It is possible to set up to 4 holiday gaps UNIQUE to this division (as opposed to the league).

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