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League Offline Editing

- "League Inputter" Software user instructions

No matter how well written the web-site software or the speed of the internet connection, editing online will ALWAYS be slower than the same editing offline. For that reason I produced an offline league results facility called "League Inputter" David Lyon 2015 All Rights Reserved) .
(A) Download latest data.
(B) Downloaded file.
(C) Games grid.
(D) League combo.
(E) Division combo.
(F) Selected game.
(G) Selected game detail.
(H) Games changes save.
(J) Produce output file.
(K) Output file path.
Misc notes

A. Download latest data.

When you click on the button at (A) the program will go to the internet, download the latest data, process it and update the data grid (C). It does, of course, rely on your computer being already connected to the internet!!!

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B. Downloaded file..

Once you have downloaded the latest data at (A) a file is produced containing the downloaded data. The path to that file is shown in area (B) for info.

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C. Games grid.

The downloaded data is displayed in the data grid. Click on the row of the game if you want to edit it.

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D. League combo.

When the data is downloaded it is parsed into divisions. Click on the league combo to see the data for the selected division.

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E. Division combo.

Selecting the "Show Divisions" check box will sub-divide the league data displayed in the grid into divisions.

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F. Selected game .

Selecting a game at (C) will highlight the row and display the data for the selected game in the display area (G).

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G. Selected game detail.

Selecting the game at (F) will open display the data in the display area  where you can edit the scores.

NOTE - You can only edit the scores, all other data is "read only". If you want to edit the date, time, rink, etc. you will need to do that on the web-site. This behaviour is intentional and makes it easier to control the complex procedures required to interact between online and offline.

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H. Games changes save.

Once you have edited an game's data, then save it. If you forget to save it and move to another game the programme will remind you!!

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J. Produce output file.

This function produces an output file of the data that is displayed in the grid and incorporates any changes you may have made to the data. The path for the file, which will be required in the next stage, is copied to the Windows clipboard.

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K. Output file path.

Open the web and login. Click on the "Offline data upload" button at the top of the "Indoor Leagues" area.

  • Click on the Browse button. Paste (mouse right-click, select paste) the clipboard item you obtained in the final stage of "Produce output file" (see above).
  • Click on the Upload button.
  • Click on the Process button.
  • Click on the Update button.

DON'T RUSH! This final bit is done on the internet and you must wait until each stage is complete before going on to the next one, and that can take a little while, particularly after the Update button - as long as a minute +!!

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Misc. notes

If you make ANY modifications to the scores on the internet to any of the games you have downloaded, they will be lost when you upload the data from this program. A good habit to establish is -

  • Download the data to work in League Inputter.
  • Do not make any modification to the league games on the internet until -
  • Finished with League Inputter and have uploaded the data.
  • This refers to the league game data only, of course. Any other editing to competitions, handbook, noticeboard, etc. works fine.
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