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The club will re-open for play from MONDAY 7TH SEPTEMBER. Initially 3 rinks will be in use, for 2 hour sessions with staggered start times of 10.00/10.15/10.30, 12.00/12.15/12.30 and 2.00/2.15/2.30, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays only. There will also be a single session on Wednesday evenings with all 3 rinks commencing at 7.00. Social distancing of at least 1m (2m where possible) must be maintained at all times.

ADVANCE BOOKING IS REQUIRED and must be by TELEPHONE ONLY during opening hours (no voicemail/text/email) as you will be advised of when to arrive (generally this will be 15 minutes before the start time for the rink concerned during the day, and from 6.30 for the Wednesday evening session). Additionally you can ring the club between 2.00 and 4.00 on Wednesday 2nd September, between 10.00 and 2.00 on Thursday 3rd September and between 10.00 and 4.00 on Friday 4th September to make bookings.

For the first two weeks numbers are restricted to 4 per rink, with the intention to increase this to 6 per rink once our new procedures have been proven. Priority for the WEDNESDAY EVENING session will be given to those who are unable to bowl during the day. Rink fees at all times have been temporarily increased to £3.00 per person per 2 hour session - please bring the correct money if at all possible.

Additional days/evenings/weekend sessions will be added as soon as practicable.

FACE COVERINGS - revised guidance was issued by the EIBA on 26th August. Face coverings (visors/shields are NOT face coverings) must be worn AT ALL TIMES if 1m distancing is in use. After the first two weeks we intend to introduce 2m distancing during play on certain rinks/sessions, which will enable face coverings to be removed while bowling (i.e. when on the rink - they must be worn elsewhere around the building).

Full guidance will be sent to all members by email or post in the next few days, together with membership renewal forms and our policy on membership subscriptions in light of the financial impact that the coronavirus situation continues to have on the club.

All policies and procedures are subject to continual review and will be amended for any changes to Government/EIBA guidance.


Noticeboard item -  CLUB REOPENING - UPDATE 13/08/2020

For those of you who visit this website but aren't on the emailing list, please find below a link to read today's update on our reopening plans.

...Click here to view all detail with links.

Noticeboard item -  CLUB CLOSURE - CORONAVIRUS - UPDATE 10/07/2020

Following yesterday's Government announcement, and correspondence received from the EIBA this morning, there is now a 'roadmap' for the resumption of indoor bowls.

There is a lot of work to do before we can open our doors again. The earliest potential date for restarting is 25th July, however, given the changes we need to make and the additional procedures to introduce, it is more likely, and more sensible, to aim to reopen in mid-August.

There will be a Management Committee meeting next week and further details will follow after that meeting.



Noticeboard item -  CLUB CLOSURE - CORONAVIRUS - UPDATE 02/07/2020

Unfortunately last week's Government announcement on establishments able to reopen from 4th July made no reference to indoor sports, and there is no timescale for when any decision on a potential recommencement is likely to be made.

Therefore the club is still completely closed. There are some websites which claim to give opening times for all manner of local amenities and I've been made aware of one which is stating that the club is open on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings. This is incorrect and the information has not been provided by us.

Any news on reopening will be posted here and by email - hopefully the Government cannot ignore indoor sports for too much longer!



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